• Honor Choir


    Open to 5th-8th grade students by audition or invitation only.
    Designed for students who show a high level of commitment to the arts and want to hone their musical and vocal skills, this group will work on music theory, note reading, vocal technique, harmony singing, and solo singing—to build a strong foundation needed for high school drama/choral programs. Students interested in joining will need to prepare an excerpt of a song that best shows off their vocal ability, be able to maintain a musical line while hearing a harmony line, and have shown strong participation in choir and/or music classes. This group will work on advanced level harmony pieces in a varied styles, including some 'a cappella' pieces (think Pentatonix), and work towards competitive singing festivals.

    Weekly Rehearsals:   GIRLS & BOYS    Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:20-7:50am

    Contact Mrs. Penney if your child is interested, to sign up, and for more information.

    Calendar of Events: Honor Choir Calendar 2018-2019
    "The Nutcracker" Sign Up Form: (check back in October)
    Group Tickets (for currently enrolled Honor Choir members):






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