• Pre-Packaged Earthquake Kits

    No more shopping around for Earthquake Supplies!! Now, you can order your Earthquake Kit directly from St. Mel.


    ONLY $20.00 PER Pre-Ordered PACK ~

    Contents are based on the latest Red Cross Standards.

    • Features: 3 day emergency supplies: water, food, light, warmth, shelter.
    • Long Shelf Life: food and water (5 Years), light sticks (4 years) and emergency blanket (indefinite).
    • Safety & Identification: High visibility safety orange, specialty coated “write-on” name and Emergency info. blocks (can use regular or permanent marker.
    • Bag protects against moisture and weather, and has room to customize for individual needs.

    NOTE: If you ordered this pack last year, you do not need a new one yet!!!


    Contents: (1) Secure Seal zipper bag, (6) Emergency drinking water pouches, (1) 2,400 calorie food bars* (12portions), (1) emergency blanket, (3) 12-hour light sticks.

     * food bars contain: wheat, flour, vegetable shortening, cane sugar, water, coconut, salt.


    Deadline for ordering is September 8th!

    Packs ship directly to St. Mel School. If you pre-ordered last May, the kit will be available for you to pick up and personalize on the first day of school.
    Questions? Contact Kim Pacella via email