• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Who is this dance for?

    This dance is for Fathers (or Father-figures) and their school-age daughters.  However, fathers and daughters of any age are welcome!


    2. When does the dance start?

    The doors open at 7:00 pm and the last dance ends at 9:30 pm.


    3. How much do tickets cost and where can I buy them?

    Tickets cost $25.00 per person.  They can be purchased at the School Office (20870 Ventura Blvd.) or through the Family Bulletin.  Tickets will be sent home with your child. 


    4. Why does this event "Sell Out" each year?

    Due to space considerations, there is a limit to the number of tickets available.


    5. Will tickets be sold at the Dance?

    No.  Tickets must be purchased in advance so we can be sure that there are enough refreshments for all of our guests and party favors for each girl that attends.


    6. Who organizes this event and why?

    This event is organized by a volunteer committee of fun-loving moms in the community. These moms are part of families who recognize how vitally important a father's relationship is with his daughter, especially in the decade between preschool and high school.  We are always looking for fresh faces and ideas so contact us about being part of the dance committee!


    7. Does anyone make any money on this dance?

    At $25.00 per person,the tickets include a DJ, a generous assortment of refreshments, valentine activities, and a party favor bag for each girl.  The labor associated with organizing, promoting, setting up, and working the dance is provided by volunteer moms. St. Mel Parish graciously allows us to use of their beautiful Activity Center.  After expenses are paid, remaining funds are donated to St. Mel for the rental of the Activity Center. 


    8. What is the dress code?

    This is definitely a special affair and most of the daughters will be wearing fancy dresses. Dads wear a tuxedo or suit and tie.  Remember, this is a"date" and flowers (in the form of a small corsage) are always appreciated by your daughters.  Some Dads even make dinner reservations before the dance.

    9. Will the girls receive a gift? 

    Yes, each year each girl receives a charm with the theme of the dance as she leaves.  We encourage Dads to give daughters a charm bracelet so they can collect the charms each year and have a memorable keepsake of their years at the dance.

    10. Are formal pictures available at the dance? 

    Yes, pictures will be avaialble by sign up. You will need to sign up before the dance for a time you would like. There will be 2 times avaialable before the dance as well. 


Last Modified on January 15, 2019