• Tryouts for the Fall 2018 Mock Trial Team
    Tryouts will be held in classroom 8I.
    There will be two parts to the tryouts this year.  
    One:  The students will perform an abbreviated Opening Statement.  We will be judging/scoring them on their presentation, style, comfort level performing/public speaking, and ability to memorize. Yes, the Opening Statement should be memorized.
          Here is a link to the abbreviated Opening Statement 
    Two:  The students will be expected to answer questions from the first page only of a witness statement.  The witness statement should not be memorized.  Rather, the students should become familiar with the "story" that the witness is telling so that the student will be able to answer questions about it naturally just as if the student is the actual person who experienced the story.  They are responsible for the FIRST PAGE ONLY...
          Here is a link to the Witness Statement