• If you DID NOT order the pre-packaged Earthquake Kit, you are responsible for making up your own. Here is what is needed:

    Earthquake Kit for Students:
    The following items must be brought to school for the student’s personal earthquake kit. All items should be put in a large plastic storage bag labeled with the student’s name and grade. Due to storage space limitations, backpacks are not acceptable. Personal earthquake kits should include the following:

    Note/instructions from mom and dad
    FAMILY PICTURE – suggested but not mandatory
    Thermal/solar blanket
    2 Glow/light sticks
    A pair of underpants for younger students (suggested).
    3 Flat suckers
    2 Granola bars
    2 Plastic spoons
    2 4-oz. Pop-top/pull back cans of fruit
    2 4-oz. Pop-top/pull back cans of tuna, chicken, turkey, or beef
    2 5-oz. Cans of fruit juice (preferably apple or nectar)

    It is important to note that while most canned food may last up to 1 year (provided it is kept in a cool dry, dark place and not subjected to summer heat), certain foods require consumption within 6 months. Don’t bring fruits with citrus, tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, peppers, sauerkraut, or any acidic juices. Earthquake kits will be returned at the end of the school year for updating during the summer months