• The Pastoral Council is an Advisory Body to the Pastor on issues relating to the Parish Community, the Archdiocese and the Universal Church.  The Pastor, in consultation with the Pastoral Council, develops the vision for the Parish Community.  Parishioners who are interested in serving as at-large members participate in an application and discernment process, prior to appointment by the Pastor.
    2018-2019 Members
    Telma Dorcey, Chairperson
    Jay Butterfield, Vice-Chairperson
    Shana Altomare, Co-Secretary
    Susan Cantwell, Co-Secretary
    Sheryl Alzona
    Jessie Dunn
    Karen Genne
    John Kanaley
    Kerry Edwards, Liturgy Coordinator
    James Hallissy, Finance Council Chairperson
    Fr. Vivian Ben Lima, ex officio
    Mary Beth Lutz, ex officio
    Rosemary McLarty, ex officio
    Dr. Ross Porter, ex officio 
    To contact the Pastoral Council via email click HERE  Or call 818.340.6020 x3022.
  • St. Mel Parish Pastoral Council is looking for new members!


    We are looking for a diverse mix of parishioners with a passion for serving and collaborating with others to contribute to setting the vision and direction of our parish community.  Read more about us below.


    To apply, please return a completed application (the application can be found HERE) to the Parish Office by Friday, May 31, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.  Candidates will be contacted regarding interviews.  If you have any questions, please email Telma Dorcey.


    Basic Information about the Council


    The Pastoral Council’s Purpose and Authority:

    The Pastoral Council is an advisory body for the Pastor on issues related to the Parish community, the Archdiocese and Universal Church. It acts under the authority and leadership of the Pastor, advising him on issues that affect St Mel Parish.  The Pastor is the final decision maker.  He leads in formulating the Council agenda and oversees the implementation of recommendations formulated jointly with the Council.


    The Pastoral Council’s Function:

    The Pastor, in collaboration with the Pastoral Council, develops the vision and direction for the parish community. Actively assessing needs, developing priorities and planning, the Pastoral Council unifies the parish community by promoting communication and understanding. The Pastoral Council connects the parish to the Archdiocese and Universal Church, and the people of the parish to one another, by articulating the common mission and developing awareness and dialogue.   The Pastoral Council energizes the parish community by exerting leadership, inviting broad participation in ministry, involving the laity more intimately in parish life, and witnessing their faith in all circumstances and situations.


    Criteria for Membership on the Council:

    Pastoral Council members must be St. Mel parishioners who are faithful Catholics. Each should have the ability to listen openly, to present a point of view and to engage in constructive discussion. Pastoral Council members must be committed to the work of the Council, be present at Council meetings and Council retreats, and be able to serve on committees as needed to carry out the work of the Council.


    Pastoral Council Meeting Commitments:

    Typically, meetings are on the fourth Monday of the month, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Additional meetings for various committees are scheduled among the members.  Council members are also expected to attend the annual parish Leadership Retreat in the Fall.