Saint Mel School

Message from the Principal

  • How will you prepare during Lent?

    Lent is the season of preparation before Easter. Lent is a time of reconciliation...

    A time when we make space in our lives to think about our relationship with our heavenly Father

    and the ways in which we are responding or failing to respond to his love and care for us.

    Lent is a time to consider the giving up of what we are for what we may become.

    Fast from judging others…Feast on seeing Christ in all.

    Fast from ill thoughts…Feast on God’s healing power.

    Fast from discontent…Feast on gratitude.

    Fast from anger…Feast on patience.

    Fast from pessimism…Feast on optimism.

    Fast from worry…Feast on divine order.

    Fast from complaining…Feast on appreciation.

    Fast from pressure…Feast on prayer.

    Fast from bitterness…Feast on forgiveness.

    Fast from self-concern…Feast on compassion for others.

    Fast from discouragement…Feast on HOPE!

    Fast from suspicion…Feast on truth.

    Fast from idle gossip…Feast on purposeful silence.

    Fast from self-pity…Feast on joy.

    Fast from resentment…Feast on contentment.

    Fast from selfishness…Feast on service.

    Fast from pride…Feast on humility.

    Fast from jealousy…Feast on LOVE!



     Faith in EVERY Child!

     St. Mel School celebrates excellence in faith, academics, and social development!

     A Catholic school is Catholic because it chooses to educate the whole person.

    It feeds the mind, and at the same time feeds the soul.



School Headlines

  • Seeking Fellowship in Faith, Solidarity in Service, Excellence in Education