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Message from the Principal

"We walk where we are pulled!"

A very wise woman and colleague shared this with me when I first started as Principal at St. Mel. We walk where we are pulled. We are educators, each and every one of us…Administration, faculty, parents, and even the students. We are partners in the education of the children. We are walking this journey because we have been pulled. Pulled by a faith, an inspiration, enlightenment, an “A-HA” moment, a desire to do more, or a desire to give back. Every member of the St. Mel Community, both Parish and School, is pulled to walk this journey together. 
As teachers and administrators, we never discount the incredible influence you as parents have on your child’s education. In partnership with you and the larger St. Mel Parish community, the faculty and staff endeavor to develop all students’ spiritual, academic, social, emotional, physical, and creative potential. This is a gift our school possesses and it is something that has been outlined in the document from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, “To Teach as Jesus Did” for all Catholic schools to incorporate as part of its mission and philosophy. Your support reinforces our efforts in the classroom. By working in cooperation with you, we aim to help our students understand that they are in the process of becoming who they are to be, and that they are walking where they are pulled.

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