Saint Mel School

Message from the Principal


O Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, come and dwell with us.

Desire of all nations; Gift to every generation,
Come, make your home with us.


Few times are more sacred for a family than Christmas. But it is the season of Advent that prepares our hearts for this special day, opens our eyes to the truth and encourages us to PAY ATTENTION.


I live in you and you in me…


Advent is a special time for preparation, patience, waiting and PAYING ATTENTION.  “Advent is supposed to sharpen our spiritual senses, to be watchful, to be alert to the many ways Jesus reveals His presence." - Monsignor Hefner. It is with great hope that I encourage us all to PAY ATTENTION to each other, and above all to God, who became flesh and lived among us.


Come, Lord Jesus!  Come and visit your people. 
We await your coming.  Come, O Lord.


I ask that we allow Jesus to come and visit us and to PAY ATTENTION as he speaks to our hearts during this season of Advent. We are reminded and aware again of the journey He calls us to make and the work He would like us to do. During this season of Advent let us begin to pay attention…to the coming of our Lord, to the hope of the season, and to the joy in our hearts.


We are your servants, O Lord.

Speak to us in this holy season and turn our eyes to watch for your coming.


Seeking Fellowship in Faith, Solidarity in Service, Excellence in Education